Genius Hour

We have chosen the topic of can fishing be a stress reliever. Our driving question is, “How can you use fishing as a stress reliever?” We chose this topic because sometimes we just want to get away from life. Also, we chose this topic because we like fishing. So far we have made a Google Presentation of how it can help relieve stress. We are also working on putting fishing tips on there. Like how to fish in ponds, lakes, and the ocean. Right now we have seen that it can relieve you by making the everyday rush go away and then it’s just you, the boat, the reel, and the fishes. We still have to take videos of us fishing, teach people how to unhook the bait, teach them how to cast certain rods and reels, and teach them how to set the hook when the fish goes for the bait. We still have a long road of work ahead of us.