All About Me

Hi my name is Carson.  I like playing baseball.  The reason I play baseball is because I have always had fun playing it.  At first I wasn’t so great, but when I started to get older and practiced more I got really good.  This past year I made allstars in baseball.  We won district and went to state  in Paris, Texas.  Sadly we lost our first two games and got eliminated.  Another hobby I have is collecting baseball cards.  I have some really awesome cards like Yu Darvish’s rookie card.  One day some of the cards I have will be valuable.  I also like basketball.  I play it because it’s fun.  The part of basketball I like is getting to shoot baskets and making them.  I also like to steal the ball from the other team.  If I had to pick my favorite food I would probably pick steak and baked potato.

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