How Vision Works

We use vision for almost everything in our lives, but have we really thought about how we see things. First there has to be light to see things. The cornea is the part of the eye that bends and focuses the light before it enters our eyes. The next part is it has to go through the lens of the eye, which is behind the pupil. From there the light travels to the vitreous body. After that it finds its ways to the retina, which is the light-sensitive membrane on which images are cast by the cornea. They names of the light sensitive cells are rods and cones. The rods let us see in dim light. Cones let us see bright light and color. Light stimulates rods and cones in the retina, and a nerve impulse is transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve. Then you can see. You can also test the sharpness of your eye by reading an eye chart from a certain distance.

The Briarwood News Journal

News just broke man found shot off his roof,  

while daughter , Jenna Ward, saw the whole thing

happen. His name is charlie ward, he was 36 years                                         Untitled image (1)

old. He died at his House on July 4. Right now there

is no suspects on who killed this man and why.

All we know is that the bullet came from out                 

of the sky and landed straight on his head while

working on his roof.

The police will do some more investigating to see where the bullet came from, what kind of gun, and who fired the gun. The police have no evidence on who shot the shot. They think that someone planned out his death.

They still haven’t determined if it was a professional, or just a civilian who wanted him dead. Right now the police are questioning Ward’s family to see if they had seen anything strange the past few days and questions like that. This is the murder mystery of the century.

  Untitled image

Genius Hour

We have chosen the topic of can fishing be a stress reliever. Our driving question is, “How can you use fishing as a stress reliever?” We chose this topic because sometimes we just want to get away from life. Also, we chose this topic because we like fishing. So far we have made a Google Presentation of how it can help relieve stress. We are also working on putting fishing tips on there. Like how to fish in ponds, lakes, and the ocean. Right now we have seen that it can relieve you by making the everyday rush go away and then it’s just you, the boat, the reel, and the fishes. We still have to take videos of us fishing, teach people how to unhook the bait, teach them how to cast certain rods and reels, and teach them how to set the hook when the fish goes for the bait. We still have a long road of work ahead of us.


For our experiment we observed and described a small microhabitat. Our group found a grassland an area with vegetation and a few small organisms. Its components were mostly leafs, small things and branches, and a few shrubs.