The Briarwood News Journal

News just broke man found shot off his roof,  

while daughter , Jenna Ward, saw the whole thing

happen. His name is charlie ward, he was 36 years                                         Untitled image (1)

old. He died at his House on July 4. Right now there

is no suspects on who killed this man and why.

All we know is that the bullet came from out                 

of the sky and landed straight on his head while

working on his roof.

The police will do some more investigating to see where the bullet came from, what kind of gun, and who fired the gun. The police have no evidence on who shot the shot. They think that someone planned out his death.

They still haven’t determined if it was a professional, or just a civilian who wanted him dead. Right now the police are questioning Ward’s family to see if they had seen anything strange the past few days and questions like that. This is the murder mystery of the century.

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